Reduce Heat & Glare
Window film will help reduce heat gain caused by continuous exposure to the sun. Stop shutting the blinds and drapes to keep out the heat and the glare of the sun - window film will substantially eliminate glare and reject the unpleasant heat of the sun (performance will vary based on product type). Enjoy the view!

Reduce Fading
Window films will substantially reduce the fading and deterioration of your valuables caused by the sun’s rays. Prevent discoloration of carpets, hardwood flooring, furniture, and even drapes and blinds.
There are many factors that cause fading. The primary causes, however, are ultraviolet radiation, heat, and light. All of the window films we offer reject 99% sun's ultraviolet rays. Additionally, depending on the product, window film will reject light and heat away from your valuables.

Fading is irreversible. Stop it before it happens!

Reduce Electricity Cost
As window film reflects and rejects the sun’s heat, the load on your air conditioning unit will be reduced, helping you save on your electric bill and contributing to the solution of our State’s energy crises.

See also special rebates offered by LADWP.

Add Privacy & Elegance
Whether you prefer total privacy or would like to add a touch of elegance to your home or business, window film can be a cost effective alternative to drapes or blinds. You can choose from a wide range of products, from completely “blacking out” a window, adding a sand blasted opaque effect, or just making one side less visible.

Add Safety
Window film will help keep glass in one piece in case of breakage. To insure the highest level of safety against injuries caused from broken glass, use safety film.